Tell Me More Guide

Tell Me More Guide

The “TELL ME MORE” is a revised version of the “Discovery Series” by Gary Webster, which he first developed from the original “Search for Certainty” series by Mark Finley.

2. Most questions and Bible texts in the original “Search for Certainty” series are retained in the “Tell Me More Series”

3. Modifications

a. Introduction: The introduction of each Lesson has been summarized and simplified from the original “Search for Certainty” Series.

b. Use of Simple Words: As much as possible, word used in the original series that are seemingly difficult to local situation have been change to simple words, but with careful choice of alternative word so that the thought or idea in the original text does not change but retained.

c. Lesson Heading: Some of the lesson headings from the original series have been modified.

E.g. Lesson 3. “A Word Turmoil.” (Search for Certainty)

Lesson 3. “Signs of the Times” (Discoveries)

4. Additional Lessons.*

“The Sanctuary Service” is an additional lesson specifically developed for the “Discoveries” series is not part of the original “Search for Certainty” Series. This lesson comes in between Lesson 8 and 9. The purpose of this lesson is to introduce to the students the Old Testament Sanctuary and its services and further to familiarize him/ her to the sacrificial systems and terms used, such as “daily sacrifice”, “day of atonement” and other which appear in the study of the 2300 day prophecy in the Chapter 9.

An additional information on how to read the Bible by Ronald Stone is inserted before the lessons start.

5. Vote of Thanks

Thank you to the 8 ministers from Fiji who were selected to work on this project. Special thanks to the following ministers: Epeli Saukuru, Viliame Ratumaiyale, Patrick Jacksam, Mosese Taria, Joape Narabe, Moape Dokonivalu, Vilive Daniva,Leone Tubuna and Mr Bev Norman for being the editor.

6. Produced by the Ministerial Department of the Trans Pacific Union Mission of SDA Church.