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Marching Skills Display Form

Published 18 Sep 2019 TPUM Youth Department

• By completing and signing this application form both the Club Director and the Marching Team Manager have read, understand and accept all the rules and regulation set forth in this information document including the standard Uniform requirements and will abide by them when presenting their team at the marching activity at the HeartheCall Camporee. • All applications must be signed by the Director of the Club represented and, if applicable, the Marching Team Manager. • Any application that does not include all the required information and signature/s will not be accepted. • Any application not received by Thursday, October 31, 2019 will not be accepted. • Any application received from a club not registered and recognized by the Mission represented will not be accepted. • The Event Coordinator reserves the right to invite applications from any individual Club. • Receipt confirmation will be sent to the Club Director at the e-mail address listed on the application form immediately upon confirmation with the Mission of the status of the Club.

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Baptismal Form01

Published 18 Sep 2019 TPUM Youth Department

If your pathfinder is planning to be baptised at the camporee. Please fill in the form.

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Long Service Award Form

Published 18 Sep 2019 TPUM Youth Department

The SPD Long Service Award pin has been commissioned in order to recognize and affirm all leaders who have faithfully served the Pathfinder and Adventurer movement in the following leadership roles at either local club, Mission, Union or Division level; Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Teacher, Chaplain, Counselor or Specialist. The SPD Long Service Award shall be awarded to any leader who has served in any or a combination of the above listed leadership roles for 10 years or longer. This prestigious award recognizes the continued dedication and ministry heart of many adults, who have dedicated their lives in leading, mentoring, investing in and serving the Pathfinders and Adventurers within the Trans Pacific Union Mission. If you believe you have fulfilled the requirements and are entitled to receive this award please fill out the details below and submit this form to your local Youth Department for their endorsement and confirmation. We thank you for your faithful service!

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