Registration Slots & Process

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Registration Date: Monday, 16th December, 2019 | Venue: Maranatha Hall
Halo Olgeta, See Registration Process

Below is the different missions time allocation, please note:

1. Registration will be done at the Maranatha Hall.
2. Clubs must arrive 15mins before their registration allocated time.
3. If a club arrives later then the 30mins time slot allocated to them, they will have to wait until the registration station is ready to receive them. Please DO NOT BE LATE.
4. Clubs must park at the allocated car park and only the Club's pathfinder director and an assistant may enter the registration venue to register their clubs, collect their wristbands and registration packs.
5. As the clubs leave the registration venue for the campsite, wristbands must be worn by everyone.
6. At the entrance to camporee, Teenforce will be waiting to escort you to your sub-camp.

We thank you for your cooperation to ensure a smooth registration process.

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