When Jesus Ended It

This sermon by Pastor Anthony Kent is an original resource for the Enditnow: Adventists Say No to Violence initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, written and presented for August 22, 2020, Enditnow Emphasis Day. Pastor Kent demonstrates from the biblical narrative of the bent-over woman, whom Jesus healed on Sabbath at synagogue (Luke 13:10-17), that the woman suffered religious abuse by the synagogue ruler and his supporters. More at https://women.adventist.org/enditnow-day.

End it Now - Pr Nasoni Lutunaliwa

#August22 #EnditNow2020 #EndDomesticViolence #1in4Women The prevalence of domestic violence is of great alarm. In Australia with a population of 25 million, 1 in 4 women will experience violent abuse from an intimate partner. Among indigenous women in Australia the prevalence is 60% and in the Pacific Islands the prevalence is over 70%. While christian churches may be reluctant to engage with the subject of domestic violence, the sad fact is that the rates of domestic violence in christian church attending families are much the same as in society at large. if christian leaders are to lead the opposition to domestic violence, they must embrace the notion that using the selected texts to endorse male privilege does not reflect the ideal of what God intended for human relationships. END IT NOW !

#TEDWILSONWEEKLY #ADVENTISTCHURCH #TEDWILSON Pr Wilson: Reaching People for God Through the Power of the Bible

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson will share some amazing ways that you can reach people for God! Let your light shine for Him! May God use you today, and in the coming days, to reach as many as possible for Him—reflecting His love and care and sharing the good news that He is coming very, very soon!